Sarah Buechi

Voice Jazz | All of Switzerland


Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio

Repertoire: Jazz standards, original compositions,
arrangements of Swiss folk songs

Sarah Buechi – vocals
Franz Hellmüller – guitar
Rafael Jerjen – double bass

“A strong common feeling and freedom in dealing with the material are the essences the trio draws from jazz and folk music as well as other global musical traditions. They emancipate themselves completely from forms and styles served over and over again, such as walking bass and swing. Virtuosity is never showcased for its own sake. Rather, it is the underlying pulsating energy that allows a freer play of references and references, a musical mesh characterised by lightness and variability. In this, the trio shows the potential to set a new standpoint in jazz music, a musical golden ratio.”
(Luise Wolf, Berlin 2022)

Sarah Buechi, Lucerne

Instrument: Voice Jazz
Phone: +41 (0)79 306 15 47
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About me

Her six releases under her own name, as well as her concerts at the Jazzfestival Berlin, at the London Jazzclub Vortex, at the Jazzfestival Schaffhausen or in large formation with the “Jenaer Philharmonie” (Jazzmeile Jena) show Sarah Buechi with a very independent music at the pulse of time. Sarah Buechi has been teaching voice (Jazz) at the Lucerne School of Music since September 2018.