Fabian Heynen

Voice | All of Switzerland except Ticino


Own songs in dialect “Wallisertitsch

Fabian Heynen, Zürich, Wallis

Instrument: Gesang
Telefon: +41 (0)79 216 47 86
E-Mail: Mail senden
Website: www.fabianheynen.ch


About me

Fabian Heynen gained his first musical experience at the talent competition “Prix Valais”: Musical projects followed, such as the musical “Hair” in 2003 and the leading role in the musical “Das Gauklermärchen” in 2008. In 2010 he successfully completed the teaching diploma “Singing Popular Music” at the Swiss Music Pedagogical Association SMPV. This was followed by a Masters of Advanced Studies in Music Education at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2021. Fabian Heynen conducts two children’s choirs, teaches solo singing and is a teacher at the primary music school. He has already performed as a duo, trio or with a band at the Pride Festival Zurich and at the Kunsthaus Zurich. He writes songs himself in “Wallisertitsch” and sings songs from swing, pop and chanson.