Christine Lüthi

Oboe | All of Switzerland


As an oboist, I am interested in church music, improvisations, orchestra, solo and chamber music.
I look forward to your idea and our conversation!

Christine Lüthi, Berne

Instrument: Oboe
Phone: +41 (0)79 226 93 13
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About me

As an oboist, teacher and cultural worker, I have worked in Switzerland and Romania – occasionally employed and guided, always successfully as a project initiator and leader. Networking and bundling are my main concerns, building bridges between apparently or actually different things (age? languages? sectors? nations? levels?) a core element of past and future projects. I let my experience flow into my work.

Oboist (teaching diploma, higher studies certificate)
Managing Director of LINKultur (responsible for the ORPHEUS Swiss Chamber Music Competition, the Swiss Chamber Music Festival Adelboden, the SON Foundation for Young Swiss Orchestras, the Chappeli Concerts Grenchen)
Teaches at the Oberaargauische Musikschule Langenthal.